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This one is from last summer. It was drawn and written to be published elsewhere, but for not so interesting reasons, never saw the day light.

”ATHEIST” meets God and the Devil.

I once met the Devil. / It came in my room in the middle of the night, and was up to something bad. / My bed was shaking and I couldn’t move.

It was there to get me. ”NO, NO, NO, NO!!!” / I released my other arm, and tried to scratch it’s face …which wasn’t there. / Then it disappeared. Everything was back to normal again.

An other time I met God. / I was about to kill my self, but couldn’t get out of the bed. ”You useless twat!”/ ”I can’t even organize one suicide! Worthless little shit – Uh, what now?”/ God raised me up from my bed to Heaven, and showed me the meaning of life.

He showed me all the people as blades of grass, and the mankind as the lawn. / ”We don’t need to breed or be strong. – We don’t even need to stay alive. – There is no need to convince anyone about our individuality or superiority. ” / The meaning of human life is simply to TAKE PART to the humankind.

So, I didn’t kill my self then. / ”…I do know that there are names for these experiences. ‘Sleep Paralysis’ and ‘Psychoses’ ” / ”…But these stories are real, aren’t they? They are real experiences. ” ”Aren’t they?”

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