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* 10/30 My pet.

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You know this thing when girls are a bit like this: “Mmmm…” “Oh boy…” “Hmmm…” / So may I present you: / …My dachshund-pillow! / Dachshund-pillow is the best! With it you can adjust any position into a comfortable one! / It doesn’t have a name, although I had a dream that I named it ‘Pea’. …’Cos it’s green.


* 9/30 Today in my kitchen…

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RAISINLESS. (This one seemed like really boring every-day-diary -stuff, until I started translating it. It suddenly got this slightly disgusting exotic twist. You should maybe know that in Finland the whole ‘with raisins or without them’ -thing is really a big deal.)

“I’ll start cooking my self as soon as I get those moving-boxes cleaned away…” “Luckily there are ready-made-meals.” Liver casserole, beetroot & mayonnaise -salad. / “…hmm… Something is missing…” “Ha! Raisins!” / “THAT’S why this was so cheap!” “Hoax! If the liver casserole is raisinless, they should MENTION IT ON THE PACKAGING!” “Written on with large letters!” / “Larger than the ‘liver casserole’.” “THAT you can tell from the picture.” /”…No other dish looks as much like dog vomit.”


* 8/30 What comforts me.

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About the beauty of an egg.

“One of my favorite foods is an omelet.” “Because it can make you happy.” / For some reason, when you are depressed… …there’s only depressed food in your fridge too.

BUT! All you need is 2 eggs, to make those sad outkasts into something awesome! / / “You and you! On the frying pan!” “I’m so old.” “And you two! Turn your selves into a salad!”

Making an omelet, I try to keep these two things in mind : / “Whip it well! Lighten with some milk or something!” “Oh how I’m fluffy!” / & Fry on a MILD heat, for a LONG time, fully cooked. (No need for flipping here!) (Oh, use a lid! There’s a lid missing in this picture, but it gives a wrong idea about an omelet anyways.)

Things that go well in to an omelet: potato & dill, horseradish, peas, seasame seeds & wild mushrooms, soya, lax, tabasco. / And of course: ( I <3 Olive oil!) ” “Fridge’s Final’s – side salad!”

And this is how an omelet can affect your life: / “Buhuu. I suck at everything! Everything sucks!” / “…But …but …It’s…” “…Perfect!” / “I made THIS!” “sob!”

/ ” Oh, sweet, reliable omelet! Always ready to spread your everyday-beauty!” / It is also possible, that if you google the word “omelet”, you’ll end up at my facebook-profile. ” I <3 Omeletti!” ” Stupid day, but I can always make an omelet!” “Oh Dear God how perfect omelets I can make!” “I wish that every person in the world would have something as deep and comforting in their lives, than my relationship with an egg!” “Cried a little, luckily breaking few eggs helped :D!!!11”  “I’m defriending you this moment!” ” …okay, okay, we got the point!”


* 7/30 Today I screwed up…

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Blogihaaste 30-30 Blog challenge.


Salmon pasta. / “What’s that smell?” “Did I left the stove on?” / “Oh shit!” / “Blah!” “I don’t do stuff like this!”

…This would be more like me: “Escargots á la herbs de sauvage! (Look, I made up French!)” (In made-up-French I said “Snails with wild herbs!”) / “But nooo! This time I had to burn the macaronis!” “…Well, fusillis actually. Atleast.” / Apparently it is possible to learn something just by reading menus.’ Escargots avec herbs sauvages’ would’ve been correct. I give my self 8/10 points!

Päiväkirjasta / From diary :

“I can hear your heart growl.”


* 6/30 What shocks me.

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I get freaked out on daily bases just by the fact, that these kind of people REALLY exist: / “Because I’m  a white, middle-aged male, I get to decide who gets to get married and have kids.” / “Stop whining!” “When Islam takes over Finland, then it really sucks to be a woman here!” / “Sow me your pussy!” / “I don’t care wahat they do in their own bedroom!” ” Just as long as they don’t push them selves in to my awareness!” / “Feminist-Cunt.” “Nigger.” “Butt-Boy.” “Towel-Head.” / “52kg is the top limit!” “Giggle!” “Yew! A hair!” “These are important things you know!” “Shame on you!” / “How about if everybody just reports their physical, ethnic and personal qualities for me, and then I either approve them, or disapprove them, and that way we’ll finally have some sort of an order in this world.”


* 5/30 My first time.

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Blogihaate 30-30 Blog challenge.


I don’t remember the young man’s name. I my self had some confusing hair crisis going on. “Hi.” “Hi.”  *Nervous.* / The start wasn’t promising. ” I must say I was surprised that you called!” “But you know, it’s always flattering when someone asks you out!” / “Umm… YOU asked  ME out! ” “He doesn’t remember!” / Still: “Well… I am studying, but I’m about to drop out from high school as soon as I come up with something else…” “I like arts. I’d like to do something that has something to do with that…” “I’m going to be an engineer.” “You should study technology as well. That’s where the money is.” “…Do you like travelling?”

“I mean I love traveling!” “This summer I traveled all over Europe. I go trough cat-shows.” “I’m heading to Lisbon in few weeks with my cats!” “…Or not really MY cats. More like my ex’s cats actually.”  / “…uh. …Oh really?” “WTF?” “Oh! Yeah…” / “It was really hard to find a hotel in Paris that allows cats.” “In Hamburg the hotel offered even the food-bowls.” “Of course there really isn’t time for anything else than hotels, fair-halls and cats. …But not really energy for anything else either.”

“You should quit smoking. It’s a disgusting habit.” “I don’t want to.” / “Then you should study extended math. It will really pay of when you apply to polytechnics.” “No, I’m serious about my place being in arts and culture.” “Don’t worry, you’ll life will come around.” “…Come around?” / “Yeah, well you ought to keep that stuff as a nice hobby.” “…I should go now.” “I’m quite into karaoke, and we are about to sing today.”

“Phew!” “Phew!” I think it is clear to everybody, that we didn’t met again!


* 4/30 What I regret.

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Blogihaaste 30-30 Blog challenge.


I can like right away admit that I regret all kind of things in this life. / But the winner is a timeless classic, from which I have learned my lesson (?) and want to share this piece of advice with you: / “Tell people what they mean to you, because soon it can be too late!” “Besides love is a powerful tool, and you can’t over use it!” / ” What do you mean do I live like I reach? For sure. Any day now. …I mean, nobody’s dying right NOW, right?…” “…It’s just… …Scary.”


* 3/30 My handbag.

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Blogihaaste 30-30  Blog challenge

MY HANDBAG was too expensive for me, but I was hung-over when I bought it, so I didn’t really cared. Right now it’s quite organized, and contains: Mints. Coins. An ugly wallet. Notes and papers from meetings. A spoon. A passport. A pair of scissors. Nailpolishes, lipsticks and lipglosses. An American classic, that I yet have not red. Pencils. A wrinkle cream -sample. A pocket mirror. A mandarin. Crocheted gloves. A journal. Lighters. Derbris. / It also SHOULD HAVE contained: / A bit boring, I admit. Maybe from now on I also start carrying these around: /


* 2/30 Today I ate…

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Blogihaaste 30-30 Blog challenge

Jotkut saattavat tietää, ettei tämä tapahtunut tänään, vaan pari päivää sitten. Se johtuu siitä, että piirsin tän silloin, ja postasin vasta nyt. Mä keksin tän haasteen, ja mä saan myös keksiä säännöt. / Some of you may know, that this actually happened few days ago. That’s cose I drew this then, and blogged it now. My challenge, my rules!

What I ate today: Few breads with pesto, smoked cheese and tomato. Salty liquorice. Natural yogurt with granola and honey. A mandarin. Semolina pudding with blueberry soup. Anchovy-olives. THE HIGH-POINT: Chocolate from the bottom of my laptop!


* 1/30 My first love.

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Blogihaaste 30-30 Blog challenge

I had my first love when I was 6 years old. I barred the boy (who’s name I’ve forgotten) into the playhouse with poles. / There really is a photo of me somewhere, similar to this picture. / I met him once, when I was maybe 14. / “Hi, are you *****? What happened to your eye?” “A girl threw me with a stone. …It’ll heal.” / “Wow.” “You ain’t very lucky with the girls, are you?” / That’s that story then!



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