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I’m still working on that cookbook of mine. It’s a surprisingly large project! (I wish someone would pay for me to do it, that would help…) But, I think it could look something like this:


…And could also have stuff like this in it:

(Details from a food comic I made for Maailman Kuvalehti)







* New portfolio!

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I updated my cargo collective -portfolio, it only took nearly four years! Yay!

Check it out here: http://cargocollective.com/emmivalve

Tehtiin myös tällainen kreisi pienlehti hei! Tätähän saa vaikka Turun sarjakuvakaupasta, tai vaikka multa, emmi.valve@gmail.com. 3 e, 4,50 e postikuluineen! Liity Rakastelukerhoon, ihminen!



* Berlin

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Berlin, summer 2014.

Emmi2 Emmi3 Emmi4 Emmi5 Emmi6


* What’s your flavor?

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I just recently bought an ice cream machine, and it totally inspired me for example to turn my whole breakfast in to a variety of ice creams, but also to draw this comic. … I could have just kept on drawing these forever.


* Sweet!

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I love food. I should draw more of it.  Here, look at some donuts:

…Or maybe you prefer macarons?

Let’s not forget our daily veggies:

Study of pink cake frosting:


* Quick notes.

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I try to keep my pen moving by drawing meaningless everyday things, like what I wear, eat or do. Here’s some of those doodles.

Working, ballet class, and yoga:

My coffee and what I wore last friday:

At the cafe:

And some similar little drawings from Riga:


* Oldies.

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This one is from last summer. It was drawn and written to be published elsewhere, but for not so interesting reasons, never saw the day light.

”ATHEIST” meets God and the Devil.

I once met the Devil. / It came in my room in the middle of the night, and was up to something bad. / My bed was shaking and I couldn’t move.

It was there to get me. ”NO, NO, NO, NO!!!” / I released my other arm, and tried to scratch it’s face …which wasn’t there. / Then it disappeared. Everything was back to normal again.

An other time I met God. / I was about to kill my self, but couldn’t get out of the bed. ”You useless twat!”/ ”I can’t even organize one suicide! Worthless little shit – Uh, what now?”/ God raised me up from my bed to Heaven, and showed me the meaning of life.

He showed me all the people as blades of grass, and the mankind as the lawn. / ”We don’t need to breed or be strong. – We don’t even need to stay alive. – There is no need to convince anyone about our individuality or superiority. ” / The meaning of human life is simply to TAKE PART to the humankind.

So, I didn’t kill my self then. / ”…I do know that there are names for these experiences. ‘Sleep Paralysis’ and ‘Psychoses’ ” / ”…But these stories are real, aren’t they? They are real experiences. ” ”Aren’t they?”


* Hello, it’s 2014!

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I know, I know! I haven’t updated in ages! I’ve been working a lot tough!

SOooo…. What’s up? I collected here some of my last year’s highlights and news. Most of them are in english.

(Oh, don’t get scared of all the links! Read on, I also have something to ask from YOU!)

Here’s a story about my residency month.

And here’s an other one.

I was published in amazing Kush, as yo can see below. (The Cat issue rocks!)

Wonderful Arterritory also published this comic of mine.

And here’s an interview in Finnish, by Osuuskunta Lilith. (Haastattelu suomeksi.)

I was in the coolest Zone5300 magazine too!

Oh, and maybe the best thing was this! My minicomic All You Need Is Love (for Kush), was nominated as one of the best Mini-comics and small press titles of 2013, by Thirteen Minutes!

What else… Well, I learned taxidermy, moved in with my boyfriend, I bought a camera and fell in love with it (be my Flickr friend!) and started breeding beetles. Here’s some doodles of beetles:

…And then I’ve been thinking what I want from THIS year.

All sorts of awesomeness are already planned (You can find me from Maailman Kuvalehti -magazine, and Fumetto festivals, for example), but more is always better. One of my goals is to get more ORGANIZED, and PULLED TOGETHER with all the stuff I do. So, one thing that came to my mind, was A ZINE. I’ve always loved them, I love all small press shit, and it would be a fun way to show what I’ve been up to. So, what comes to being more active on this field, I now declare, that my New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to put together 6 issues of  zine of my own!




Please let me know if you would be interested.

I was thinking about naming it Kostopolitan. (Kosto = Revenge in finnish)

Look at my nice sketch here:

Happy New Year to you all from my drawing table!


* Holiday pictures, 2013.

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My summer went by the sea, in Finland and Estonia.


* Greetings from the Helsinki Comic Festival and the hospital!

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