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* 100+ Part 2

Kirjoitettu 16.02.2012 - emmi. Kategoriassa 100+ Blogihaaste.

100+ What?

I seem to use a lot of the word ‘vintage’ in this. That, and pointing out that I do sometimes use more money on shoes than I should, are in here just to hide the fact that most of my clothing is worthless, old, and never been in fashion.

There’s also too much ‘blah blah blah- waist line -blah blah bah’ to be translated, so I’ll just roughly sum it up for you non-Finns.

I really don’t do much shopping, ‘cos 1) I’m poor and buying clothes is waste of money, 2) I’m really picky, and shopping is therefore boring, 3) I’m messy, and hate piles of clothes and doing loundry.  I give clothes away as soon as I find them unfitting or unflattering. Here’s some clothes I’m getting rid of at the moment, and some I shall re-evaluate next summer. (P.S. I like shoes.)

So it’s not hard for me to give away clothes, but how would my most minimalistic wardrobe look like? CASUAL UNIFORM (that i have worn since I was a teenager.) : A pair of basic jeans, simple top, a pair of Dr. Martens. (Not black ones tough.) A knit and a pair of wool socks. FOR WORKING (with people), MEETINGS, PARTIES, ETC: All the black clothes. I have jackets like that more than I really need. SUMMER: I’m never going to become the summer-fashionista, I every spring think I will. All I really use are these few pieces.

Then there are some rarely used clothing, such as THE UGLY, BUT MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Lots of thin wool-knits here. For camping, traveling, Haapsalu, forest, etc. PARTIES: Few good dresses. At least one for summer and one for winter.

And then some random stuff, like my orange biker jacket I bought when I was 19, and still wear and love, underwear (some of them in fine condition), seasonal accessories, and some bags.

This is basically what I feel like I could easily survive with. Actually I don’t own MUCH more clothing anyways. My wardrobe is quite narrow and functional, and I like it that way. By now I know what I like and what suits me, and I don’t do much mistakes when shopping anymore.


* 100+n things challenge.

Kirjoitettu 8.02.2012 - emmi. Kategoriassa 100+ Blogihaaste.

Sain tämän haasteen, joka onkin aika ajankohtainen elämässäni.

The main idea of this challenge is to tell about my relationship with the stuff I own and to think about what really need. Could I give up of everything else, than just about 100 items? And what would those items be? (I might be getting a stroke or something, ‘cos writing in English feels suddenly so difficult.)

100+n things challenge. / Part 1. Moving boxes.

“I live at this temporary-flat at the moment, and most of my stuff is still packed in boxes.” “Already before I got this challenge, I’ve been playing with the idea to throw some of the boxes away without even opening them.” “…So which boxes I could just get rid of?” – BOOKS: I have like 40 boxes of these. Maye 1 would be enough. – CLOTHES I NEVER WEAR OR FIX: (But they are vintage!) – CUTE KITCHEN STUFF: I own more than one piece of each items in this picture. Some I have two, some are a part of a small collection. – CURTAINS: There will be only skylight-windows at my new apartment.

THESE: All this stuff nearly  just for watching kids shows. (…On the other hand, kids shows do play an important role on our everyday life…) – ABSOLUTELY THIS: Fabrics for sewing-projects. – A BOX THAT SAYS “WEIRD CRAP”: Nobody needs this stuff! P.S. When I moved last time, I had 3 f these boxes. Before that, I had an attic full of this crap. Now I only have one box, so good for me. – HALF OF MY DISHES: I hate doing the dishes! Less dishes,- better life? – ARTWORK FROM MY YOUTH: – NOTEBOOKS: There are just too many of them! …Do I really need all of these for the rest of my life? – BATHROOM JUNK:

“These are some of the things that quickly came to my mind.” “I also noticed, that I’ve already gotten rid of a lot of unwanted, unneeded and unpractical stuff.” “Most of my current property is something that I find attractive or things that are very personal to me.” “I’m clearly a collector-decorator. (That’s not good, if you keep in mind, that I’m also very messy and unorganized.)” – “…So, what are the things, that I’m still willing to give up in real life too?” ” I guess well see when I’ll move next time.”



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