Plää plää plää.

11.01.2013 - 23:24 / emmi.


I would love it if all my crisis could show up one at a time, every now and then. Then I could at least process them each individually. …But NOO! All at once! Non stop mayhem!

Focus Emmi! Draw ONE decent picture!

Wow! A tea cup! Oh how great! – Hey guess who cares about your tea cups? – …That’s right! – No fucking one!

Where I would like to be right now:

This enamel mug is calling for me some how.  I might need to buy it. It’ll come handy when drinking coffee by the fireplace . …On my boat trips. …Which I shall start making when I buy that boat one day.

Eat vegetables. Excercise. Work.


Old, but still relevant:


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