Oh November…

28.11.2012 - 22:02 / emmi.

A view from my desk, around 14:00.

”Can’t get anything on paper.” // ”Too dark. Too much coffee. Wrong pen” // ”Tell what you did last weekend.” //” ”Last weekend I…” ”

SUNDAY. / As you can see from this image, last weekend I red a book and roller skated.

”I need more coffee…” ”But what if your coma is CAUSED by drinking too much coffee?” ”…I can’t afford not to see if few more cappuccinos would help…” ”But I’ll balance out my blood sugars with …This handful of crisps!” “It’ll work!” …WELL DID IT? …IT DID NOT.

Another view from my desk, at 15:35. …15:35!




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3 vastausta - “Oh November…”

  1. merlin Kirjoittaa:

    sun blogisi on niin mielettömän ihana! kiitos, kun bloggaat!

  2. emmi Kirjoittaa:

    Kiitos hirveästi!

  3. seo Kirjoittaa:

    Just want to let you know I shared your site with friends and got great feedback.

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