Sunday with Enid.

10.02.2013 - 21:50 / emmi.

Dear Diary! 10.2.2013 Sunday.

I’ve been sick. / January was athletic. / Fuck! I’ll turn 30 next year! / Shrovetide means buns! /I want pizza, but I’m lazy, so I’ll just eat some sweet potatoes and reindeer from my fridge. / I haven’t really gotten anything on paper lately. I need something like this. / I bought milk yesterday only because I thought I saw an old crush of mine by the milk shelf. ”Oh heck, not him!” / My book will finally come out in March. / I’ve gotten beautiful messages from old friends lately. If I haven’t responded, it’s only because I’ve been so touched I haven’t found any words. You are amazing. /Now I’m gonna watch Ghost World.

Tulips and pineapple figurines.

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Shut your mouth, young lady!

22.01.2013 - 23:35 / emmi.

…And this is a lead (of course) to this:

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…Say what?

14.01.2013 - 21:54 / emmi.


Hey Saint of the desk. What should I sacrifice for you in order to get the next commission? // I’ve tried all kinds of things. -Lunch fruits from youngest to oldest. -Magnesium, iron, vitamin D, fish oil. // I’ll soon start eating those fruits and vitamins my self! …Instead of just having good intentions. // At least I’d be brisk when the shit hits the fan! // …A ‘bit incoherent? I can’t tell my self, I haven’t been eating my vitamins. // This time of the year is always a little bit difficult for me. – …But really, this year it’s been pretty OK.

Did I hear someone say ”I really wish Emmi would post MORE stuff she doodled last summer!” …No? …Are you sure? ‘Cos I happened to find these… Here, just in case :

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Plää plää plää.

11.01.2013 - 23:24 / emmi.


I would love it if all my crisis could show up one at a time, every now and then. Then I could at least process them each individually. …But NOO! All at once! Non stop mayhem!

Focus Emmi! Draw ONE decent picture!

Wow! A tea cup! Oh how great! – Hey guess who cares about your tea cups? – …That’s right! – No fucking one!

Where I would like to be right now:

This enamel mug is calling for me some how.  I might need to buy it. It’ll come handy when drinking coffee by the fireplace . …On my boat trips. …Which I shall start making when I buy that boat one day.

Eat vegetables. Excercise. Work.


Old, but still relevant:


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In the meantime…

3.01.2013 - 20:01 / emmi.

So here’s some recent stuff with my name on it.


For Särö magazine, read the full story HERE . (In Finnish only)


A mini-comic I made for Kush. Take a sneak peak HERE.


Also, stay tuned, I might have some exciting news to share soon!


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I’m so like that guy in A Beautiful Mind.

19.12.2012 - 22:32 / emmi.

Here’s something I drew and never posted because I wasn’t sure WHY I drew it, but it must be destiny that I did, because now when I’m too busy to draw for this blog, I still have something to post.

This comic is dedicated to everyone who can relate to it. (And for some of my old teachers. ”Train THIS!”)

AS A KID, AFTER MY SWEDIS CLASS: ”I’ve noticed that you doodle trough all classes…” // ”I used to had a classmate like that. Mauri Kunnas! (Famous Finnish illustrator and cartoonist) ” ”Wow!”  // ”But as I was about to say, you have to stop doing it.” ”…But I wanna become like Mauri Kunnas…!” // SOME YEARS AGO, AT AN ELECTION DEBATE: ”You did well. It just looked funny when the others were speaking..” // ”…you were just drawing some kittens in you’r notebook!” // “Oh, I didn’t even realized! – ….But that’s how I listen!” // LAST WEEK, FRIEND PLAYED US HIS NEW DEMO TAPE: ”Oh crap, now I look like I’m not listening at all!” // ”But otherwise I’m gonna stare at the wallpaper and start to wonder some cross fertilization of a cherry tree or something.” // ”It’s a loose-loose situation. I’m either gonna listen and look like I don’t, or look like I’m listening, but really not listen.” // YESTERDAY, AT MEETINGS: // ”I wonder if anyone else has their notes in this form…”

…AND LITTLE BIT MORE ON THE SAME SUBJECT: //”I should read this pile of paper. – 42 pages of gobbledygook in English..Blaaah!” // ”Focus! – …I could eat something. There’s still leftovers from yesterday…- …That dog I saw yesterday at the park was awesome. I wonder what the town gardener has planned for-  This ain’t working.” // ”OK then. Let’s do this!” // ”Well you got some reading to do!” “Yes.” // “… – Hey, I get this!” // ” … – It’s all clear to me now! . That’s rigth, that’s how it goes!” // ”Are you getting it done?” “Yes.” // 2 TEES, 2 ‘YES’ES, AND 1 CIGARETTE LATER: ”Yes! I made it! – 42 pages of information transferred in to my brains! // “Wait what?! I really spent happily 3,5 hours reading that?! . …I thought it took like an hour and a half!” // “…I wonder if I would’ve been better at school as a kid, if they would’ve kept the classes at bars…?” // THANKS FOR HAVING THE PATIENCE TO READ THIS!

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It’s that time of the year again.

11.12.2012 - 5:57 / emmi.


I want to share with you this splendid little Christmas party -tip! // OH LA LA, IT’S THE PERFECT DRESS! //…Until: //Oh no! The tights caused an awkward ”re-grouping of curves”!


Then I came up with something: ”Hmm…could it work?…” // YES, I’M A GENIUS!  – A pair of maternity pantyhose! // No my elegance remains unshakable! – Use wisely this revealed secret of mine… // …And dazzle at your Christmas parties!

Tämän sarjakuvan orginaalin voi voittaa omakseen Osuuskunta Lilithin joulukalenterissa tänään 11.12. !

You can win the original of this comic from Lilith’s Christmas calendar, only today 11.12. !

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Oh November…

28.11.2012 - 22:02 / emmi.

A view from my desk, around 14:00.

”Can’t get anything on paper.” // ”Too dark. Too much coffee. Wrong pen” // ”Tell what you did last weekend.” //” ”Last weekend I…” ”

SUNDAY. / As you can see from this image, last weekend I red a book and roller skated.

”I need more coffee…” ”But what if your coma is CAUSED by drinking too much coffee?” ”…I can’t afford not to see if few more cappuccinos would help…” ”But I’ll balance out my blood sugars with …This handful of crisps!” “It’ll work!” …WELL DID IT? …IT DID NOT.

Another view from my desk, at 15:35. …15:35!




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Boring Guilt Post.

25.11.2012 - 22:38 / emmi.

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Water in color.

6.11.2012 - 17:56 / emmi.

A memory, drawn 6 months ago.
“In there lives huge rays.” // “They come from the sea trough underwater canal, and they grow really big here, because here they have no enemies.”

“For fuck’s sake now!” // “They ain’t gonna do anything to you.” // “OH YOU THINK?!”

”Heeey, Big Girl! I thought you ain’t afraid of anything!” “Congratulations! You have found my kryptonite!” // “Uh, come on. Look, I’m going too.” // “It’s okay. Just come with me.”

”WATCH OUT, A RAY!” // “AAAAH!” // “Fuck you!!”

Swimming Hall, Thu. 25.10. 2012, at 8:45 / I drown my sorrows.

First snow, Fri. 26.10 2012, at 8:35 / My way to work is beautiful.




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