Clouds And Little Creatures

7.03.2013 - 18:39 / emmi.

Well, that thing has been there, idunno, few weeks? I’ve tried drinking it away and overeating it away, but with very little results, really. // This time of year is always a bit challenging for me, and … you know, other reasons… // I’ll be fine. I’m sure something wonderful is about to happen any moment now. – But I gotta go cry in the toilet now. My pen broke, and I draw this shitty comic, you see.

Oh yeah, I’ve been recently learning taxidermy! I started with mice. // I’s surprisingly… comforting activity. ”Hello there little mouse!” // ”Oh, where did the mouse go?!” //”There you are! Don’t worry, I’m gonna give you an eternal life!”//”…Well, not very PRETTY eternal life, but still…”

Then, one morning my son woke me up by giving me this:

( Translation: )

…Sooo… What was my problem again? Can’t remember.

(…”Candy cotton”? …Well, we all know what I meant to write.)

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