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We’we both been sick on turns for the past few weeks. ”Blah.” ”Blah.” // I’ve done my best to make us enjoy our days indoors. // I’ve  even INVITED QUESTS! That’s unheard of me! – Karo- ” Have you considered living picture? I’m quite interested of it at the moment. – It would be fun to see what you would film!” // -My twin brother and hi’s son- ”Do you like it?” ”No.” ”Good. You’ll eat it anyway.” // …But still: ”Aargh! I’m TIRED of being HOME all the time!” “Could we visit someone?”

So we went to a kid’s concert. // ”I promise I won’t couch at other kids if we go!”  (Draws constantly) // ”…I had forgotten how ”Other Mums” look like!” (Oops! My dress was really very decent!) // ”…And how ”Other Kids” sound like!” // It still was the high light of our week. ”How are you feeling?” ”Bad.” // So.  …Back to square one. ”Which dress would you take? I think the one with golden ruffles is the prettiest.” // ”…One can always dream… Of working! Lunches! Training! Cafes! Real reasons to put on make up! Adults! ” // Well. This ain’t gonna last forever!

Few weeks ago I had my firs scrimmage:

”Goal: – Not to throw up on the track! – …Or go ahead. But do it during the warm ups, so it’s out of your system quickly.”

But hey, I did it! Afterwords I felt like this old doodling:

In my near future, I’m planning to mainly feel like this old doodling.

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