100+n things challenge.

8.02.2012 - 14:40 / emmi.

Sain tämän haasteen, joka onkin aika ajankohtainen elämässäni.

The main idea of this challenge is to tell about my relationship with the stuff I own and to think about what really need. Could I give up of everything else, than just about 100 items? And what would those items be? (I might be getting a stroke or something, ‘cos writing in English feels suddenly so difficult.)

100+n things challenge. / Part 1. Moving boxes.

“I live at this temporary-flat at the moment, and most of my stuff is still packed in boxes.” “Already before I got this challenge, I’ve been playing with the idea to throw some of the boxes away without even opening them.” “…So which boxes I could just get rid of?” – BOOKS: I have like 40 boxes of these. Maye 1 would be enough. – CLOTHES I NEVER WEAR OR FIX: (But they are vintage!) – CUTE KITCHEN STUFF: I own more than one piece of each items in this picture. Some I have two, some are a part of a small collection. – CURTAINS: There will be only skylight-windows at my new apartment.

THESE: All this stuff nearly  just for watching kids shows. (…On the other hand, kids shows do play an important role on our everyday life…) – ABSOLUTELY THIS: Fabrics for sewing-projects. – A BOX THAT SAYS “WEIRD CRAP”: Nobody needs this stuff! P.S. When I moved last time, I had 3 f these boxes. Before that, I had an attic full of this crap. Now I only have one box, so good for me. – HALF OF MY DISHES: I hate doing the dishes! Less dishes,- better life? – ARTWORK FROM MY YOUTH: – NOTEBOOKS: There are just too many of them! …Do I really need all of these for the rest of my life? – BATHROOM JUNK:

“These are some of the things that quickly came to my mind.” “I also noticed, that I’ve already gotten rid of a lot of unwanted, unneeded and unpractical stuff.” “Most of my current property is something that I find attractive or things that are very personal to me.” “I’m clearly a collector-decorator. (That’s not good, if you keep in mind, that I’m also very messy and unorganized.)” – “…So, what are the things, that I’m still willing to give up in real life too?” ” I guess well see when I’ll move next time.”

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