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17.01.2012 - 21:27 / emmi.

RAISINLESS. (This one seemed like really boring every-day-diary -stuff, until I started translating it. It suddenly got this slightly disgusting exotic twist. You should maybe know that in Finland the whole ‘with raisins or without them’ -thing is really a big deal.)

“I’ll start cooking my self as soon as I get those moving-boxes cleaned away…” “Luckily there are ready-made-meals.” Liver casserole, beetroot & mayonnaise -salad. / “…hmm… Something is missing…” “Ha! Raisins!” / “THAT’S why this was so cheap!” “Hoax! If the liver casserole is raisinless, they should MENTION IT ON THE PACKAGING!” “Written on with large letters!” / “Larger than the ‘liver casserole’.” “THAT you can tell from the picture.” /”…No other dish looks as much like dog vomit.”

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