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About the beauty of an egg.

“One of my favorite foods is an omelet.” “Because it can make you happy.” / For some reason, when you are depressed… …there’s only depressed food in your fridge too.

BUT! All you need is 2 eggs, to make those sad outkasts into something awesome! / / “You and you! On the frying pan!” “I’m so old.” “And you two! Turn your selves into a salad!”

Making an omelet, I try to keep these two things in mind : / “Whip it well! Lighten with some milk or something!” “Oh how I’m fluffy!” / & Fry on a MILD heat, for a LONG time, fully cooked. (No need for flipping here!) (Oh, use a lid! There’s a lid missing in this picture, but it gives a wrong idea about an omelet anyways.)

Things that go well in to an omelet: potato & dill, horseradish, peas, seasame seeds & wild mushrooms, soya, lax, tabasco. / And of course: ( I <3 Olive oil!) ” “Fridge’s Final’s – side salad!”

And this is how an omelet can affect your life: / “Buhuu. I suck at everything! Everything sucks!” / “…But …but …It’s…” “…Perfect!” / “I made THIS!” “sob!”

/ ” Oh, sweet, reliable omelet! Always ready to spread your everyday-beauty!” / It is also possible, that if you google the word “omelet”, you’ll end up at my facebook-profile. ” I <3 Omeletti!” ” Stupid day, but I can always make an omelet!” “Oh Dear God how perfect omelets I can make!” “I wish that every person in the world would have something as deep and comforting in their lives, than my relationship with an egg!” “Cried a little, luckily breaking few eggs helped :D!!!11”  “I’m defriending you this moment!” ” …okay, okay, we got the point!”

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