7/30 Today I screwed up…

14.11.2011 - 21:37 / emmi.

Blogihaaste 30-30 Blog challenge.


Salmon pasta. / “What’s that smell?” “Did I left the stove on?” / “Oh shit!” / “Blah!” “I don’t do stuff like this!”

…This would be more like me: “Escargots á la herbs de sauvage! (Look, I made up French!)” (In made-up-French I said “Snails with wild herbs!”) / “But nooo! This time I had to burn the macaronis!” “…Well, fusillis actually. Atleast.” / Apparently it is possible to learn something just by reading menus.’ Escargots avec herbs sauvages’ would’ve been correct. I give my self 8/10 points!

Päiväkirjasta / From diary :

“I can hear your heart growl.”

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