6/30 What shocks me.

13.11.2011 - 9:50 / emmi.

I get freaked out on daily bases just by the fact, that these kind of people REALLY exist: / “Because I’m  a white, middle-aged male, I get to decide who gets to get married and have kids.” / “Stop whining!” “When Islam takes over Finland, then it really sucks to be a woman here!” / “Sow me your pussy!” / “I don’t care wahat they do in their own bedroom!” ” Just as long as they don’t push them selves in to my awareness!” / “Feminist-Cunt.” “Nigger.” “Butt-Boy.” “Towel-Head.” / “52kg is the top limit!” “Giggle!” “Yew! A hair!” “These are important things you know!” “Shame on you!” / “How about if everybody just reports their physical, ethnic and personal qualities for me, and then I either approve them, or disapprove them, and that way we’ll finally have some sort of an order in this world.”

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  1. pikkulaku Kirjoittaa:

    Sama täällä, aina sitä tuuduttautuu siihen että tuollaiset ihmiset ovat karikatyyreja ja kaupunkilegendoja… kunnes lähtee ihmisten ilmoille, avaa television väärään aikaan tai käy moderoimattomalla keskustelupalstalla.

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