5/30 My first time.

12.11.2011 - 9:10 / emmi.

Blogihaate 30-30 Blog challenge.


I don’t remember the young man’s name. I my self had some confusing hair crisis going on. “Hi.” “Hi.”  *Nervous.* / The start wasn’t promising. ” I must say I was surprised that you called!” “But you know, it’s always flattering when someone asks you out!” / “Umm… YOU asked  ME out! ” “He doesn’t remember!” / Still: “Well… I am studying, but I’m about to drop out from high school as soon as I come up with something else…” “I like arts. I’d like to do something that has something to do with that…” “I’m going to be an engineer.” “You should study technology as well. That’s where the money is.” “…Do you like travelling?”

“I mean I love traveling!” “This summer I traveled all over Europe. I go trough cat-shows.” “I’m heading to Lisbon in few weeks with my cats!” “…Or not really MY cats. More like my ex’s cats actually.”  / “…uh. …Oh really?” “WTF?” “Oh! Yeah…” / “It was really hard to find a hotel in Paris that allows cats.” “In Hamburg the hotel offered even the food-bowls.” “Of course there really isn’t time for anything else than hotels, fair-halls and cats. …But not really energy for anything else either.”

“You should quit smoking. It’s a disgusting habit.” “I don’t want to.” / “Then you should study extended math. It will really pay of when you apply to polytechnics.” “No, I’m serious about my place being in arts and culture.” “Don’t worry, you’ll life will come around.” “…Come around?” / “Yeah, well you ought to keep that stuff as a nice hobby.” “…I should go now.” “I’m quite into karaoke, and we are about to sing today.”

“Phew!” “Phew!” I think it is clear to everybody, that we didn’t met again!

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