3/30 My handbag.

10.11.2011 - 9:00 / emmi.

Blogihaaste 30-30  Blog challenge

MY HANDBAG was too expensive for me, but I was hung-over when I bought it, so I didn’t really cared. Right now it’s quite organized, and contains: Mints. Coins. An ugly wallet. Notes and papers from meetings. A spoon. A passport. A pair of scissors. Nailpolishes, lipsticks and lipglosses. An American classic, that I yet have not red. Pencils. A wrinkle cream -sample. A pocket mirror. A mandarin. Crocheted gloves. A journal. Lighters. Derbris. / It also SHOULD HAVE contained: / A bit boring, I admit. Maybe from now on I also start carrying these around: /

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